Where to Get Your Social Security Statement

Where to Get Your Social Security Statement

A number of years ago the Social Security Administration started to mail out statements every 2 years near your birth date.

This is great for your financial planning.

I recommend you review this every time you receive it, and you can even get different iterations based on hypothetical future earnings right at the Social Security site.

I highly recommend a retirement analysis, and part of that analysis has to be projected Social Security benefits.

Here’s where to start

Where to Get Your Social Security Statement

Planning for a 30 Year Retirement

Planning for a 30 Year Retirement

With increasing life expectancies, there is a very real risk of outliving your money or not living in the lifestyle you’d like.

This article is how to plan for a 30 Year Retirement, with some great suggestions about the retirement plan you create.

One of the best things I do for my clients is the planning, creation, and monitoring of a retirement plan. This is not only before retirement, but after as well.

If you don’t have a retirement plan already, my best advice is to get one as soon as possible, and I’m always here to help.

 Plan for a 30 Year Retirement



Are you interested in talking with me about your finances and investments but not sure if we’re the right fit?

I have clients of all portfolio sizes, ages, employment, and stages of life.

What I like to do is make a difference in someone’s life. Frankly, it’s just as rewarding for me to work with a young couple who are serious about planning and saving for their future as it is to manage portfolios and wealth for business owners and retirees.

Don’t be shy. If you’re curious about whether we’d be a right fit, give me a call and we can talk. It would be a great honor.

3rd Quarter Review / 4th Quarter Review

The 3rd Quarter 2011 is over and I have a slightly longer video this week because I want to address the current environment and how things may shape up going forward.

A big theme is my advice to assess your overall plan and risk tolerance, and also to ensure you’re looking at both positive and negative points of view on the markets instead of just one view over the other.

I send my newsletter and videos on a weekly basis, so if you watch only a few througout the year, at least watch my more comprehensive quarterly videos.

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I am taking new clients

I am taking new clients

Last quarter a client of mine asked my permission to refer his friend to me. He didn’t want to offend me by giving out my business card without my okay.

I’m hereby giving everyone permission to offend me!

What this conversation led me to understand is that I haven’t done a very good job communicating that Generosity Wealth Management has the knowledge, infrastructure, and expertise to help out your friends, family, and those you care about.

I work with clients seeking to grow, preserve, and distribute their wealth in an efficient manner to ensure the well being of themselves, their family, and their community interests.

I’m here to help and treat every client and prospect as a member of my family.

In case you need a reminder about Generosity, here’s a video I did back in May.

What Rate of Return Do You Need for a Comfortable Lifestyle?

What Rate of Return Do You Need for a Comfortable Lifestyle?

According to this article, you can withdraw 4.5% out of taxable accounts per year and your money will last at least 30 years under most scenarios.

I don’t have his supporting material to double check his numbers, but I do know there are a lot of variables involved in coming to this conclusion.

Do you know what your number is for retirement?

Contact me and I’ll try to help you figure that out.