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2021 End of Quarter 2 Updates

2021 End of Quarter 2 Updates

There are so many things to feel optimistic and positive about, and conversely there are so many things to be pessimistic about. Which you focus on is your choice. We are inundated with data and noise about what’s important and while we could run ourselves in circles trying to address each thing, it’s more important to identify the two or three things that will make the biggest impact in our lives and focus on those.

May/June 2021 Update: Inflation

May/June 2021 Update: Inflation

Last month’s inflation was 4.2% year-over-year percentage growth. That’s a large number and if you get your news from the TV news outlets, which we highly recommend you don’t, you are likely up in arms. So, is now the time to panic due to inflation? No, we don’t believe there’s ever a time to panic. But is there a time to be concerned about the impact to you, your life, the economy, your portfolio, things of that nature? Well, that’s not quite the right question to ask. The real question should be, is this temporary or is this systemic?

Seven Days of Thanks Event Featured in Barron’s

Seven Days of Thanks Event Featured in Barron’s

Barron's Advisor News discusses how financial advisors connected with clients during the pandemic in their latest article, ‘Pie Drive-Bys’ and Celebrity Chefs: Will Pandemic-Era Client Events Outlive Covid? Gone were the traditional in-person events, replaced by...

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