5% 30 Year Mortgages

According to Lou Barnes, a local mortgage broker who is frequently quo9-5-13 mortgage graph ted in the national press, when the 10 year treasury yield hits about 3.33%, we’ll be back to 5% 30 year mortgages.

Right now, the 10 year treasury is around 2.775%, up about 1.1% in just a few months.  However, it has stabilized.

The big question those in the investing world are asking is whether the yield will continue up, or go back down.

If you watch my video, you’ll see that I believe the yield will go back down.

But, as Lou points out, the correlation between the 10 year yield and 30 year mortgages is very clear.

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Housing Prices Increase 4.7% Year Over Year

In October, 276 (75%) of the 366 markets showed monthly home value appreciation, and 228 (62%) of the 366 markets saw annual home value appreciation.

 Among the top 30 metros, 29 experienced monthly home value appreciation and 26 saw annual increases.

 This is a great sign, and fills me with optimism going forward. This is a good leading indicator for a sustained recovery.

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Boulder, CO Housing

Nice article on the national scene about our local Boulder housing situation.

Lou Barnes from Boulder West believes prices have bottomed out, even if “a recovery is something else”.

Good, interesting article. Be sure to click on it.

 Boulder Colorado Housing

Housing is in a Depression

While I’ve mentioned in the previous blog that the economy is not quite as bad as everyone is led to believe (still not rosy though), one area that has been particular hurt is residential housing.

If you’ve been following my blogs you know I’ve been saying this for quite some time.

Here’s a good article where Warren Buffett says exactly that.

I knew I liked that guy.