I’m a big fan of “behavioral finance” as many of you know. This includes understanding the importance of our human nature to the decisions we make in our lives–including finance.

This week’s video I talk about the tendency for us to only listen to data that supports our pre-concieved conclusion.

As investors, we have to avoid this!

Buffett: “The Lower Stocks Go, The More I Buy”

FORTUNE — “There is no comparison between fear and greed,” Warren Buffett is telling me over the phone from Omaha. “Fear is instant, pervasive and intense. Greed is slower. Fear hits,” he exclaims.

I am NOT recommending a wholesale purchase of equities, but rather use this quote from the article below as a reminder how the professional investors think.  You have to keep your emotions in check to the best of your ability.


Lessons from The Big Short

Every wondered what the 2008 Financial Crisis was all about? The Big Short by Michael Lewis is a good, gripping book that explains much of it. I highly recommend it.

But what are some of the lessons we can take from this crisis as outlined in the book?

That’s what this week’s video is about.

Take 4 minutes to watch/listen to it.