This video covers my current thinking

*  There are some BEAR signs in the market I’m concerned about

*  What does the market really care about (hint: recession and Europe)

*  Why so much volatility last week?

*  What should you (or me if I’m your adviser) be doing?

*  Dynamic Asset Allocation management coming your way….

If this week is calmer than last week, then I may not do a video 2 or 3 times.  For all our sakes, let’s hope that’s the case!


Hi there, Mike Brady with Generosity Wealth Management,
and recording this on a Monday morning, August 15th, and hopefully
you are getting this in your e-mail on Monday afternoon. With every day being
so very important and news-worthy, I want to get this out as quickly as

Last week, I mean big swings; 400 plus or minus and just
unbelievable. The volatility on Friday and so far today is starting to tamper
down: which is great. I think that anyone who believes in efficient market
theory is,,,, I’m just not there. I’m not on the bandwagon with them. That
really says that the available public information is factored into the market.
And when you are seeing huge swings like that I think you’re seeing a lot of
emotionality. You’re also seeing a lot of short covering and you’re also seeing
some programmed trading- people who have got losses in there or various
triggers at various points; just starting to execute automatically. I make no
judgments about any of those techniques or reasons, it’s just; they are what
they are.

Right now, I think what we need to ask ourselves and what
the market is asking itself is; are we in a recession? And; is the Euro going
to survive? Because Europe and the Euro is going to be a big driver going
forward in the next quarter or two. I think we’re seeing a year and a half of,
if you’ve been watching my videos, it’s starting to implode. And so it’s
starting to slow up,… sorry, it’s starting to speed up and some major decisions
are being made at this point in time.

Are we in a recession? I think we are in a recession. We’re
going to look back three to six months from now and say, “gosh, we were in a
recession then.” Even if the numbers don’t say so right now.

There are some bearish indications that have me
concerned. One of them is four months of down months. If August is a down month
in the market, that is definitely a clear sign that we are in a recession.

Sorry, I’m just looking at my notes here.

Second is just the market volatility- you don’t see this
kind of volatility in a bull market. You see this kind of stuff in a bear

Third is just the sentiment of the investors. It is
really quite negative. That’s also a bear signal.

Fourth is the Fed. At the end of the day when you look in
between the lines of what the Fed is saying, the Fed is saying that we’re in a
recession by the tones that, and overtures that they’re giving.

There are a couple of things that I think you need to do.
Kind of getting back to some practicality here; look at your portfolio and
rebalance. You probably have various mutual funds, ETF’s, stocks, ect. And make
sure that you’re not completely out of whack. If you used to be ten per cent
this and now you’re fifteen or twenty and you really don’t want that. Now is
the time to evaluate it.

The second is, for your particular categories, let’s say
that you want a certain per cent in large cap or small cap or internationals or
whatever it might be, make sure you’ve got the best in class. When’s the last
time you reviewed the particular mutual fund, ETF, index, etc., to insure that
it is performing the way that you think it should perform.

In the last couple of years we’ve had, mainly, kind of a
nice bull market and so it’s… now we’ve had a couple of weeks of down, and so the
question is: did it perform the way it is supposed to? So is there any change
within that category that you need to make.

I still believe that internationals are something that
you ought to have a very small, if any, position in. I do have some
international exposure but it is extremely small. And, because, getting back to
what I said earlier, I think that is going to be one of the major drivers going

The last thing you can do is look at your municipals. I
have a friend of mine, and we spoke last week and he, I think, pretty much
thinks I’m crazy in some of my pessimisms with municipals. That’s OK. At the
end of the day I could be completely wrong and municipals could do fine going forward
and maybe even have a little rally, that’s fine. But the question is, I think, the
risk is too great out there- I mean your down-side versus your upside? With the
yield between one and four per cent for these municipals, sorry that is just
not very exciting to me for the risk that you’re going to take. And I think the
risk on the downside, if we have some defaults, is just greater than what the
upside potential is. That’s just my analysis, I could be completely wrong as it
relates to municipals but it is just the risk reward ratio is not there for me.

That is what I’m thinking about right now. One thing that
I’m going to let you know is, I’ve been working very hard for a number of
months now on some dynamic asset allocation models. I’ll be talking about that
more individually with my clients, and also writing about it in my newsletter,
etc. It is just another investment management strategy that I want to
compliment some of the other things that I’m doing with my clients and
offerings for prospective clients. So I’ll be talking about that in the coming

Also, if you don’t get another video from me this week-
this is a good thing! Not that you don’t hear from me or that I don’t have to
do another video. It just means that maybe things have settled down a little bit.

You don’t have to say, every single day, “Oh my gosh! What’s
going on? What does this actually mean? What does this mean for me over at
Generosity Wealth management?” So if you don’t get a video from me maybe it
means, whooo, maybe things have settled down a bit. We’re not quite on the
ledge that we were a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, Mike Brady. Generosity Wealth Management, 303.747.6455.
And you have a wonderful day and maybe a wonderful week. Bye bye now.