Employment Numbers

While the official unemployment rate has decreased in the past few months, the number of people in the work force is close to 30 year lows.

This is due to baby boomer’s retiring, but also people who are simply tired of looking for jobs! The unofficial unemployment rate is closer to 17%.

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Five Things Employers Want to Know

Last week I was invited to speak about financial literacy to NASA employees down in Houston that are being laid off.

One of the other speakers was a recruitment and job placement specialist. He had this slide which I thought was good for employees looking for a job, but also for those of us already employed or self-employed. Do you have a good answer for each one?

•Why are you here?

•What can you do for us?

•What kind of person are you?

•What distinguishes you from the other people who can do the same tasks?

•Can I afford you?