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Oil Impact

“Life is Really Simple–but We Insist on Making it Complicated” – Confucius

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to talk about the reasons given for the market correction
1.  Plunging Oil
2.  China
3.  Disappointing Profits
4.  Trading Milestone (200 Day Moving Average)
5.  Rate Jitters

Today I focus on Oil, as it’s declined from approximately $60 in June to $40 today.  What is that indicative of, and is that a long term benefit or detriment for the economy?

I say it’s a long term benefit, and make such an argument in my video… Read More

The Most Bullish Chart has a Stock Market Crash in the Middle of It


It is normal for there to be corrections with a generally bullish market, which we’ve been in for 6 years now and I believe will continue.

The chart above does NOT mean our RED line will continue, as it could be the end of the bullish trend.  I don’t think so, but it’s possible.  I’ve made the argument many many times why I’ve come to my conclusion (see previous newsletters and videos going back 2 to 3 years).

We have 4 months left in the… Read More



I’ll speak next week about China, but I’m going to admit right now that the full impact of China on the world economy and markets is unknown.  It’s simply never happened before where China is a big player on the world scene.

And they’re not very transparent.  Urgh.

But, they’re only responsible for 5% of the S&P 500 revenues, so we’ve got that going for us.

More to come next week.

Full Article – Three Things I Think I Think

Who Will Care When You’re Not There?

whocaresYou know I’m a planner deep into my soul, and that extends to ensuring my beloved pets are taken care of too.

If you’re lucky, a close family member or friend will take care of your dog, cat, bird, or other, but what if they’re unable?  What if they have a pretty big difference in how they relate with animals than you do?

I haven’t read this book yet, but will as I just ordered it a few days ago.

Have you made… Read More

The Hunt for a 21st Century Treasure Chest


If all else fails, I guess there’s always buried treasure.

In 1988 a art and antiques’ dealer millionaire was diagnosed with kidney cancer and not expected to live.  He planned to take a treasure chest of loot out into the wilderness to die.

Then he recovered.

And decided to bury the treasure instead, and write a memoir with clues to find it.

No one has found it yet.

Full Story – 21st Century Treasure Chest

Time Horizon, Plan, Conviction

“I never said it’d be easy-I only said it’d be worth it”–Mae West.

That’s what I think about when I think about investments.

Yes, the unmanaged stock market indexes are making the news, but the whole reason we have a plan, discuss the time horizon, and determine our conviction is because these events happen. Always have, and always will.

History has shown us that those who ignore and then over-react are the ones most hurt. I don’t do that, and I wouldn’t want any of my readers to do that either.… Read More

The Cost of Getting Scared Out of Stocks in 1998


Emerging Markets cratered 40%.  Commodities fell over 25%.  The dollar rallied over 20%.  Asia looked like it was falling apart.  The US Stock Market fell 18%.

I’m not taking about now, I’m talking about 1998.  Right before the US had the best GDP growth rate of the recovery.

Things that appear so obvious are not always so.

The Cost of Getting Scared Out of Stocks in 1998

Why Stocks are Tumbling 6 Years into the Bull Market


The largest weekly decline since 2011, leaving the unmanaged stock market indexes close to “correction” territory.

What are the reasons?   China, Oil, Disappointing Profits, 200 Day Moving Average, and Interest Rates.

In a follow up video this week, I’ll start to dissect each and give you my opinion about the long term effect of each.

I like to look at long term effects, not short term gyrations.  The fluctuations have always been there, and always will be.

Full Article: Why

Retirement Fear: Inflation

There are a number of risks we have to take into consideration when planning for the future.

There are the “tangible” ones that we can quantify, and the “intangibles” that are there but Inflationharder to see.

Inflation is a real cost.  If you don’t believe me, remember what your first home cost?  What was your salary when you joined the workforce?

It will probably be very similar in the future as inflation has been a constant for many years.

Have you… Read More

13 Reasons “Star Wars: A New Hope” is the Greatest Movie Ever Made


Okay, the new Star Wars comes out this December, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be awesome.

Who’s with me here?

While we countdown to the new movie, here’s a list of 13 reasons the original is the greatest movie every made.

13 Reasons “Star Wars: A New Hope” is the Greatest Movie Ever Made

Mid-Year Check-In

While there have been some exciting one day swings in the unmanaged stock market indexes so far this year, it’s actually been relatively calm, without big 5% and 10% weekly and monthly swings that we see periodically in the markets.

As of the end of the 2nd quarter, most major unmanaged indexes were about break even.

In my video, I talk about the impact Greece and China may have on the markets going forward, and how the potential interest rate hike in September may affect things.  I’m not gloom and doom, so if you’re… Read More

Mike Brady in the News

I’ve had a great time this year being interviewed by many journalists, allowing me to share my thoughts with others.Forbes-Magazine-Logo-Fontbetter

I was going to post or email each time I was quoted, but there have been so many (Wall Street Journal, Forbes, DailyFinance, US News and World Report), that I was afraid you’d think I was some media hound and it’d get boring.

So, I’ve added a new page to my webpage that will keep a running tally of all my mentions in the general… Read More

Radio Interview with Dr. Jason Carthen

I was recently asked to be on an hour long radio show / podcost talking about ethics in the workplace.jason-carthen-logo

It was titled “Navigating the Demands of Business and Remaining True to Yourself”.

It was lot of fun, and the host was really engaged and enthusiastic.  While he and I talk about the demands of business and how being ethical is so important, I share my life story with him, which many of you know.  I am pretty open with him (as I am… Read More

Never Invest in Something You Cannot Understand

Warren Buffett “Never Invest in a Business You Cannot Understand”Buffett

Good advice.

I’m going to take it one step further and say “something” or “anything”.

I think Wall Street has created a lot of very creative financial products out there, and some of them are good while others are bad.  Mostly it depends on which “tool” you need to meet your individual goals.

That being said, just because something is complicated doesn’t mean it’s better, and you should definitely understand it… Read More

White Castle

White Castle

I’m pretty proud of the fact I’ve lost 32 lbs this year, gave up all sugar, eat pretty darn good, and started Martial Arts training this January. I’m lean and mean, and your typical healthy Boulderite.

However, I absolutely love White Castle.  I grew up in Michigan about 2 miles from one, and whenever I visit Mom and Dad, it’s never complete without a completely disgusting night out at the Castle.

Some people love In and Out Burger.  Fine.  But give me White… Read More

First Quarter Review / Current Thoughts

The first quarter was a great reaffirmation that diversification can be your friend. US Large company indexes lagged, but middle and small companies did better. US Bonds did well (in general), as did international stocks.

While diversification does not guarantee a positive return in a generally declining market, my experience is that it does tend to “buffer” some of the returns so you can stay with the plan that works for you.

In my video, I review the past quarter and continue my theme about what I’m watching to come to a “health” conclusion… Read More

Mike Brady in the Wall Street Journal


There are few things as sweet as your first mention in the Wall Street Journal. March 10th was the day Mike Brady arrived in print!

Since I was written up in the TheSuit Magazine, I’ve had a number of requests for interviews, expert quotes, and general articles about how I interact with clients.

I provide distinction from others in my field in the relationships I build and how I focus on the “why”, vision, and goals. Activating your creative “right brain”… Read More

Avoid Penalties on Your Required Minimum Distributions

I was recently asked by a news journalist my opinion on how to avoid penalties on your required minimum distributions. taxreturncalendar

Of course, my first answer was to make sure you actually take them and problem solved! I think she was looking for more… I did in fact answer more seriously.

Personally, I always watch over all my clients that are at least 70 years old (or have a beneficiary IRA) to calculate the requirement and ensure it’s taken care of. If you don’t adhere to… Read More

Time Horizon

I’m a big believer that knowing your time horizon for investments is very important. Unfortunately, many investors, and definitely the media, live in the short term when in fact your needs are middle to long term.

outlook-06-580x443I read this interesting blog (link below) that really sums things up. The only important thing is the probability of reaching your goals over the time frame specific to you.

A time frame super long (over 100 years) like some stock market charts is really irrelevant, as is a super… Read More

USB Mix Tape

usb mix tape

I’m 46 years old, which means I grew up in the 1980s. One thing popular at that time was to make a “mix tape” with a dual cassette player/recorder. You could then give that tape to a friend. We thought we were so COOL! Today, we have iTunes, Spotify, satellite radio, etc. and no one makes mixed tapes anymore. Boo hoo! Well, I’ve got you covered. Now you can buy a USB drive that looks like a cassette so you can make that mix… Read More

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