Are you a “lane changer”? In traffic, he’s the guy who’s constantly changing lanes, expending a lot of energy but doesn’t really get ahead.

We all know we’re supposed to “buy low and sell high”, but unfortunately your average investor doesn’t do that. When we look at the flows into and out of equity funds we find that people are pouring tons of money in when the markets are high and withdrawing at market bottoms.

Why? By the time people feel comfortable with the direction of the market (investor confidence is increasing), they’re looking at recent past data and many times the “upward movement” has already occurred. A little late. Same deal on market declines.

I happen to believe in active management, but you’ve got to be disciplined and unemotional, and that’s tough to do!

In this week’s video, I expand upon these thoughts and even have some pretty graphs imbedded for you. Watch it please, and don’t be a investment lane changer!!


Hi there, Mike Brady with Generosity Wealth Management. And I this week I want to talk about staying the course, OK? About six months ago I did a video about conviction, in which really I asked the question “what do you really believe in?” “What do you really stand for?” What is that line in the stand? And that could be in your own life; that could be in your financial life. It’s really a question that I think could have lots of areas where it’s applicable but right now it’s really about investing.

I’m going to throw a chart up in just a few seconds here, but most people do the wrong thing at the wrong time. And I don’t want you to be that dumb money, I want you to be the smart money. And people always say, “Oh I buy low and sell high.” But frankly most people throw lots of money into funds when it’s at a high, when they feel comfortable, like, “oh, yeah man, the market did so well the last year or two, and I’m going to throw lots of money in…” because they expect it’s going to continue to go up. And they think that the market is actually linear; meaning if it’s gone up, it’s going to continue to go up, or if it’s gone down, it’s going to continue to go down- and that’s just not the case! It goes up, it goes down, it goes sideways! And real people also withdraw money, you know, usually at the bottom. And so this is a good indicator, frankly, when people are taking money out, the contrarian in me, I say, maybe I want to invest in that. That’s a good buying opportunity. Warren Buffet has a famous phrase, “be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy.”

And the chart, I’m going to throw it up there right now. You’ll notice, at certain times, I’ve circled them, the market has gone up, that’s the line, and then the bars are the money flows, in and out. And you’ll notice that the bars are the highest when the market is at the highest, which is what you don’t want. And then the, (sorry about that, I just hit my microphone) and then when the market is at a low is when people are taking all their money out- which of course is the exact opposite.

So, have discipline, please. Be the smart money.

I’m happy to help you with that. I talk with my clients all the time and I do these videos and these newsletters to really have good communication, good education, so we can go through this with as little emotion as we can, but of course we’re human. We’re not a bunch of Vulcans running around! But, let’s have our course, we’re at Point A, where are we going to Point B? Let’s go there.

My wife said something the other day at breakfast that I just thought was wonderful, which is, “you know if you’re going down the road, and you’re in traffic, and have you ever noticed that person who’s jumping from one lane to the other, trying to get ahead of everybody else? Well, a lot of time’s they are expending an awful lot of effort and not getting any further.” And it’s so satisfying, frankly, when you’re just sitting there, staying the course, and you just keep passing this guy. Well, I want you to be that person.

So, anyway, 303-747-6455, Mike Brady is my name, I’m the President of Generosity Wealth Management. I serve the Boulder, Denver, Longmont area here in Colorado, but I’m in many different states. Perhaps I’m already registered in your state and have clients in your state, if not, let’s have that conversation. I’m looking to grow my business and I hope to do the best job that I can for you, I really care, I’ll treat you like my family. 303-747-6455. You have a wonderful, wonderful week, thank you, bye bye.