This week is the 3rd Quarter 2010 review and 4th Quarter preview.

If you go back and rewatch my July video (July Video) I stated I thought the 3rd quarter would be up and it definitely was.

Dow Jones + 10.27% for the 3rd Quarter and S&P + 10.72%. Of course, these are unmanaged indexes.

The markets were way down at the end of the last quarter, so this brings the indexes positive for the year +3.5% for the Dow and +2.3% for the S&P 500.

4th quarter? I think things will continue to be up, but the important thing is to ensure you have the right allocation to equities in case I’m wrong. I think the year will end positive for the equity markets.

Listen to my 4th quarter preview video for more analysis and 4th quarter action items.