Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I’ve rented an entire movie theater for a pre-release of Star War VII – The Force Awakens

I’ll be sending out invites within the next month, for clients and their friends/families.

I think this will be a hot client event for me this year.

It’s Star Wars!  And before it’s in general release!

The Hunt for a 21st Century Treasure Chest


If all else fails, I guess there’s always buried treasure.

In 1988 a art and antiques’ dealer millionaire was diagnosed with kidney cancer and not expected to live.  He planned to take a treasure chest of loot out into the wilderness to die.

Then he recovered.

And decided to bury the treasure instead, and write a memoir with clues to find it.

No one has found it yet.

Full Story – 21st Century Treasure Chest

White Castle

White Castle

I’m pretty proud of the fact I’ve lost 32 lbs this year, gave up all sugar, eat pretty darn good, and started Martial Arts training this January. I’m lean and mean, and your typical healthy Boulderite.

However, I absolutely love White Castle.  I grew up in Michigan about 2 miles from one, and whenever I visit Mom and Dad, it’s never complete without a completely disgusting night out at the Castle.

Some people love In and Out Burger.  Fine.  But give me White Castle any day of the year.

21 Crave-Worthy Facts About White Castle

118 Books in 2014

A couple of years ago I started rating my books I read on

Then I realized it kept track of all of them, and without knowing it I read 73 books in 2013. So, for 2014 I thought “I’ll bet I could read 100 books if I changed a few habits around (like no TV)”. So, that’s what I did, and I’ve never felt smarter and more enriched.

mikes books

I ended up reading 118 books in 2014, 66 fiction and 52 non-fiction.

Of the 52 non-fiction, 13 were business, 14 were personal development, and 25 miscellaneous general non-fiction.

* The best new (to me at least) fiction authors were Patrick Lee and Dan Silva.
* My favorite 2014 Fiction Genre – Spy novels
* Best Business Book (specific to my industry) – Unveiling the Retirement Myth by Jim Otar
* Best Business Book (general) – Winning the Battle for Relevance by Michael McQueen
* Best Personal Development Book – Fearless Leaders by my friend TC North
* 2nd Favorite Personal Development Book – You are a Badass by Jen Sincero
* Best General Non-Fiction – Lost in the Jungle by Yossi Ghinsberg

For 2015, I will probably get close again (reading is a lifestyle) and I plan on reading some long books like Fountainhead by Ayn Rand and a few other classics.

I’ll provide my 2015 thoughts this time next year!

Link to Mike’s Full 2014 Completed Reading List