Federal Reserve Comments in 2013

federal reserve comments in 2013

As I mention in my video, the price of bonds (in general) have decreased causing yields to increase. The above graph shows comments from the Fed which has led so many people to have speculated they’d cut back on the bond buy back.

As of last month, the Fed Chairman has stated the bond buy back will stay in place.

For more graphs and a discussion, here’s the full article.

Full Article and Graphs


Municipals to be Downgraded?

One of the effects of a US Government downgrade is a municipal downgrade to follow.

If you’ve been following my newsletters over the past few years, you know I’ve advised you to watch your municipal holdings closely if you have any at all.

The free (relatively) capital market ultimately determines the cost municipals will have to pay to borrow money.

Municipals to be Downgraded? – Link