The Hobbit Trivia

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for our Hobbit movie event tonight in Boulder. We are reprinting “The Hobbit” quiz and the answers below. We’ll also share a few more trivia tidbits at the end.

1. Who is Bilbo Baggins’ mother?

a. Princess of the Hobbits

b. Elrond

c. Belladonna Took

d. Bella Dear

2. What is the color of Bilbo Baggins’ painted door?

a. Blue

b. Green

c. Brown

d. Red

3. What visual scene dominates Bilbo’s memory of Gandalf?

a. A magic trick turning someone invisible

b. A pyrotechnic display

c. A meeting Gandalf and Bilbo’s mother

d. A forest fire

 4. As of Chapter 2, what are Gandalf’s and Bilbo’s “professions,” respectively?

a. Thief, Hero

b. Wizard, Thief

c. Wizard, Burglar

d. Magician, Porter

5. Which of the following characters is not a Goblin?

a. Tom

b. Bert

c. William

d. All of the Above

6. In Chapter 4, who locates the cave for the group’s lodging?

a. Fili and Kili

b. Fili

c. Kili

d. Gandalf

7. Who is the owner of the horse that Gandalf has lost to the Goblins?

a. Elrond

b. Gandalf

c. Tom Bombadil

d. Bilbo Baggins

8. What word reminds Gollum of his grandmother?

a. “Mamsees”

b. “Silver”

c. “Eggses”

d. “Sycorax”

9. What is the name of the treasure Thorin values most?

a. Elrond

b. Arkenstone

c. Thrain

d. Foe-Hammer

10. Who tries to auction Bilbo’s estate?

a. The Sackville-Bagginses

b. Gandalf

c. The terrible Tooks

d. Moria

11. What is Bilbo’s more adventurous side?

a. Left

b. Baggins

c. Took

d. Right

12. Which of the following series correctly matches a sword with its owner and one of the sword’s names?

a. Goblin-Cleaver, Thorin, Foe-Hammer

b. Orcrist, Gandalf, Biter

c. Beater, Gandalf, Orcrist

d. Orcrist, Thorin, Goblin-Cleaver

13. Who wields the sword called “Foe-Hammer?”

a. Thorin

b. Gandalf

c. Bilbo

d. Great Goblin

14. According to song, where do Goblins “laugh” and “quaff?”

a. “Goblintown”

b. “Where the night is half”

c. “The Desolation of Smaug”

d. “At the Golden Calf”

15. According to Gollum’s riddle, what “ends life” and “kills laughter?”

a. Dark

b. Time

c. Light

d. Water

16. What is Bilbo’s riddle name when he meets Smaug?

a. Nobody

b. Elf-King

c. Whatzit

d. Barrel-Rider

17. What is the name of the town that Smaug attacks?

a. Elrond

b. Rivendell

c. Esgaroth

d. Endor

18. Who receives a coat of mithril?

a. Thrain

b. Thorin

c. Gandalf

d. Bilbo

19. Who Kills Smaug?

a. Master

b. Thorin

c. Bard

d. Bilbo

Here are the answers to the quiz;


1. C

2. B

3. B

4. C

5. D

6. A

7. A

8. C

9. B

10. A

11. C

12. D

13. B

14. A

15. A

16. D

17. C

18. D

19. A


Haven’t had enough yet? Here’s just a bit more Hobbit Trivia:


1. Who was Bilbo’s father?

2. Why does Thorin want Bilbo on the expedition?

3. What does Glamdring mean in English?

4. What does Orcrist mean in English?

5. What was the question Gollum missed when riddling with Bilbo?

6. Who rescued Gandalf, the dwarves and Bilbo?

7. Where did Gandalf, dwarves and Bilbo stay after their rescue?

8. Where did Bilbo find his sword Sting?

9. When/why did Bilbo name his sword sting?

10. What day did the party have to wait for to open the door in the side of the mountain?

11. What was the first thing Bilbo took from Smaug?

And the answers:

1. Bungo Baggins

2. Because Thorin needs a “burglar” or an “expert treasure hunter”)

3. Foe-Hammer

4. Goblin-Cleaver

5. “What have I got in my pocket?”

6. The Eagles

7. With Beorn, and they paid for their stay with the story of their adventure.

8. He stole it from the Trolls cave.

9. He named it Sting while in the Mirkwood Forest- killing spiders and rescuing his companions.

10. Durin’s Day; the moon letters on Thorin’s map explained that with the last light of the setting sun on Durin’s Day, the keyhole would be shown.

11. Bilbo took a two handled cup. Smaug was so angry with the theft, he swore to kill the thief!

Any mistakes must be attributed to Cassidy! Thank you to all the great Tolkien enthusiasts on the web and, an endless font of information, trivia and curiosity.