I’m in East Africa right now

While you’re reading this blog, I’m in East Africa working with 2 charities–BeadforLife and Bearing Witness Rwanda. Both are great organizations and I look forward to sharing more with you upon my return.

As all my clients know, even when I’m out of town I watch things closely and (with modern technology) am available in short order. If you leave a message or an email, I’m back with you before you know it.

I love Africa, the African people, and the good work we’re doing here. Africa is improving and I’m proud to be associated with groups that are making a difference.

Happy Easter to you all. I return on April 23rd.

Center for People with Disabilities

A friend of mine, Ian Engle, is Executive Director of the Center for People with Disabilities.

He recently gave a great interview (in my humble opinion) talking about the Independent Living Movement, Americans with Disabilities Act, etc.

He’s very knowledgeable and cuts right to the chase. I like that.

Consider listening to his 4 minute interview.

BeadforLife to be presented with eTown Award

Ma ny of you know I’m on the Board of Directors for BeadforLife, a poverty eradication project based in Uganda. Ugandan women turn colorful recycled paper into beautiful beads, gather shea nuts to make shea butter for cosmetics and soaps, and women worldwide sell the items and educate themselves and others about extreme poverty.

This Sunday the 27th at 7pm at the Boulder Theater eTown, a nationally syndicated radio show, will interview founder Torkin Wakefield and present the organization with an E-Chievement Award!


Come join me in celebrating the good work this charity is doing in the world.

BeadforLife Award Announcement


World Inequality

Th e poorest 5% in the United States are richer than 70% of the rest of the world.

The poorest 5% in the United States are richer than the richest 5% in India.

What conclusions do we draw from this? I suppose it depends on your view of the world. My liberal and conservative clients are going to draw different ones, so I guess I’ll sidestep the whole question.

I know I’m a wimp.