I will soon be changing my Investment Advisory Representative (IAR) affiliation from my own state Registered Investment Advisory Firm to a SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm (Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc.).

I will continue to use Generosity Wealth Management as my “doing business as”, with the same logo, email address, phone number, etc.Logo Final JPEG

Besides my disclosures changing, it will be mostly transparent to existing clients. Fees, management, investments, account numbers, etc. are all the same.

I am doing this to simplify my business, and with additional regulatory requirements and costs, the economies of scale simply aren’t there for firms of my size. Therefore, my purpose is to outsource these requirements and compliance to Cambridge.

In the meantime, the links below are the last time I’ll offer my Form ADV and privacy notices under my state registered advisory firm.

What is an ADV you ask? It’s a form and brochure that describes what Generosity Wealth Management is, who I am, and how we do business.

If you would like a copy, please click on the link below. For your reading pleasure, I also have included links to my privacy notices.

How exciting is all that?

Form ADV

Privacy Notice – Cambridge Investment Research

Privacy Notice – Generosity Wealth Management