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7 Simple Things Most Investors Don’t Do

      I’m entering my 24th year working with clients. I did financial plans for people decades ago, and usually, those that did reach their goals did so not because they bought mutual fund A instead of mutual fund B, or this investment over another, it  had to do with having the right behavior and keeping the big questions in mind. Ben Carlson wrote an absolutely wonderful blog that I’ve linked to below.  He says very succinctly what I say all the time, and truly believe. Here’s his list of 7 Simple Things Most Investors Don’t Do Look at ... Read More

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7 Mistakes That Make Homeowners Targets for Burglars

I care about you, your family, and your property. I want you to be safe. Here are 7 Mistakes that can make you a target for burglary 1. Leaving the burglar alarm off when you’re running out for a few minutes 2. Posting detailed alarm signs 3. Hiding valuables in the bedroom Click for the rest of the list……. Read More

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What Drives You to be Frugal?

Many of my clients are wealthy because they simply spent less than they made and invested wisely the difference. But what is frugal? If you consider yourself frugal, are you happy with this? Proud? I like this article linked below because it talk about WHY you can be happiest being frugal. I like that. What Drives You to Be Frugal – LINK Read More

10 Biggest Money Wasters

What are 10 things you can look at in your financial life that can immediately save you money? This article sheds light on 10 of the most popular money wasters in the US, from ATM fees to the Lotto to cigarettes. Interesting article…..   LINK TO FULL ARTICLE Read More

It’s not a Banking Problem

This article is good because it talks about Household and Consumer Debt as the underlying problem with our financial problems, not the banking regulations. I happen to agree personal consumer debt has been a huge problem for our country and will continue to be a major factor in the next crisis. What can you do? Get your personal debt under control and as low as possible. If you need help with strategies around this, please let me know me. LINK TO FULL ARTICLE Read More

Warren Buffett’s Worst Trade & Biggest Mistake

I love Warren Buffett. He has such wisdom and humility that I count him as one of my business heroes. What can we learn from him today? How about from his biggest mistake?  CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE – WARREN BUFFETT’S WORST TRADE & BIGGEST MISTAKE Read More

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