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Smart strategies that help you help others.

Generosity Wealth Management is committed to helping you increase all the benefits from your wealth.  We thoroughly examine your full financial situation and family obligations to uncover issues and opportunities you may not have considered.  Working together with your tax and legal advisors, we will review your tax returns, and study your estate plan and insurance policies to gain a thorough understanding of your financial situation and requirements.

For nearly two decades we have helped clients maximize their charitable contributions through strategies that include:

  • Generation Skipping and other By-Pass Trust creation and administration
  • Charitable Gifting Trusts
  • Sophisticated Insurance techniques to maximize estate transfer
  • Endowment planning and execution
  • Foundation administration
  • Effective deployment of capital in sustainable investments with a social good

The founder of GWM is on numerous charitable boards (, , and has provided extensive advice and guidance to non-profit institutions and their benefactors to establish enduring strategies for supporting the causes they believe in.