Reaching great heights. Avoiding pitfalls.

The best way to make money is to not lose it.

Wealth preservation is the key to creating a lasting legacy and why Generosity Wealth Management’s goal is to establish a comprehensive plan to preserve, enhance and tax-efficiently manage your wealth.

We view risk as something to identify, discuss, and manage as part of a wealth management strategy.  While most advisors focus on investment risks within a portfolio, Generosity Wealth Management goes further to identify the catastrophic risks within a family that can take a toll on your lifesavings, such as the loss of a spouse, failing health or the loss of a job.  We believe a true wealth manager should look beyond just the obvious in preserving your life’s wealth, and work with your existing tax, legal, and insurance professionals so you’re always protected.

On the investment front, Generosity Wealth Management has a goals-based investment process that provides the discipline and integrity to manage the risks inherent in strategies needed to reach your true wealth potential.  We continually monitor the risk and return in your portfolio to reflect your individual goals, risk tolerance and personal wealth objectives.

We use powerful analytical tools to gauge risk throughout your portfolio, identifying the right options for you. You’ll benefit from the breadth and depth of our risk management experience. This includes balancing and re-balancing your portfolio with the right mix of strategies and the diversification of concentrated wealth.

Our comprehensive recommendations are grounded in a holist approach, looking at your complete financial picture.