Serious financial guidance. Passionate personal goals.

Diverse pathways, but a passion for the common good

At Generosity, we work closely with our clients to identify the most efficient and effective ways to positively impact the causes they believe in. In sharing our clients’ common passion for enabling their money to do good things, we are committed to finding the pathways to achieving your goals.

Drawing upon the experience gained by Generosity’s founder while serving on the Board of various international charities, Generosity can teach, direct, and guide you to making the impact you want.

Michael is very charitably and community minded.  He is involved in the following activities in his local and global community

  • Treasurer, Board of Directors for BeadforLife, an international charity providing sustainable opportunities and training for women in Uganda, Africa
  • President, Board of Directors for Longmont Community Justice Partnership, a restorative justice program dedicated to cultivating a safe and caring community, reducing crime
  • Treasurer, Board of Advisors, Prison Mindfulness Institute, an organization in 700 prison working to reduce recidivism through transformative justice trainings
  • Member, Board of Directors, Peacemaker’s Institute