Serious financial guidance. Passionate personal goals.

Cultivating confidence through trust, transparency and results

Generosity Wealth Management is committed to helping clients more effectively meet the often conflicting goals they set for themselves, their families and the charities they believe in.  We also help clients achieve the peace of mind from planning for the catastrophic losses that may occur in life.

  • We pride ourselves on straight talk, demystifying investment strategies to ensure each client know what they bought and why.
  • We deliver responsive, personal attention on our client’s terms for the right level of assistance to keep them informed and in control.
  • We provide full disclosure of our investment process, holdings, and fees applied, with no conflicts of interests.  No proprietary products will be recommended to compromise objectivity.

We work with your attorney, accountant and other advisors to ensure effective development and implementation of strategies, while sharing our expertise in the areas of tax, retirement, estate planning, insurance, and trust administration.

What we believe and what it means to you

We believe in integrity and discipline.

Integrity means unbiased, objective advice where the interests of its clients are aligned.  This includes a full disclosure of investment processes, holdings, and fees applied.  No proprietary products will be offered to clients.

Discipline means having a true disciplined investment approach based upon rigorous analysis and thorough research.  Providing a client transparency to underlying investments allows the client to always access independently the risk levels taken.  GWM is risk-averse, seeking consistent performance while guarding against downside risks

We believe in comprehensive solutions

GWM takes a holistic approach, looking at a client’s complete financial picture including retirement, deferred compensation, insurance, legacy and tax situations.

GWM works with existing advisors, and will consults with a client’s attorney and accountant to ensure effective development and implementation of strategies.

We believe in personalized service

Personalized service means responsive, personal attention on each client’s terms, with the right level of assistance to keep them informed and in control. Each client is kept apprised of investment activity and informed of relevant tax, legal, and regulatory changes.

We invest in the latest technology and leverage  web-based approaches to keep clients fully informed 24/7

Responsiveness and personal attention on a client’s terms is a core value of Generosity Wealth Management.

Diverse pathways, but a passion for the common good

At Generosity, we work closely with our clients to identify the most efficient and effective ways to positively impact the causes they believe in. In sharing our clients’ common passion for enabling their money to do good things, we are committed to finding the pathways to achieving your goals.

Drawing upon the experience gained by Generosity’s founder while serving on the Board of various international charities, Generosity can teach, direct, and guide you to making the impact you want.

Michael is very charitably and community minded.  He is involved in the following activities in his local and global community

Treasurer, Board of Directors
International charity providing sustainable opportunities and training for women in Uganda, Africa

President, Board of Directors
Restorative justice program dedicated to cultivating a safe and caring community, reducing crime

Treasurer, Board of Directors
Organization in 700 prison working to reduce recidivism through transformative justice trainings

Member, Board of Directors
Peacemaker’s Institute