Because charity begins at home

Understand. Collaborate. Execute. Communicate.

Generosity Wealth Management follows a 3 step process with potential clients to establish a holistic view of their full financial picture, demystify the investment process, and establish an open, collaborative relationship to keep clients fully informed on where their money is invested.

  1. First contact — this is usually a face-to-face meeting to get acquainted and to ensure GWM and its clients are comfortable with each other.  A detailed interview is conducted so that GWM has a full understanding of a client’s situation and investment objectives. At this meeting, the following are covered:
    • Discussion of the complete financial picture including retirement, deferred compensation, insurance, legacy, investment, and tax situation
    • Identification and prioritization of issues
    • Conversation about how GWM can provide expertise to address the issues
    • Full disclosure by GWM of its investment process and fees
  2.  Second meeting — this is a deeper exploration of the issues before a client.  The following may be covered in this meeting:
    • Specific recommendations and suggested action items
    • Explanation of a personalized investment portfolio with methodology undertaken in its construction
    • A completed retirement plan document
    • Refinement of how GWM, client, and client’s advisors would work collaboratively in the future
  3. Third meeting — this is typically an implementation meeting for the first of the recommendations.  It is also an interim step for any necessary meetings with other advisors to ensure a well coordinated wealth management strategy.