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Unemployment in Europe – Still a Disaster

  I’ve been watching the situation in Europe for years now, and fundamentally they have serious long term issues. Specifically, their debt levels, unfunded pension obligations, and employment policies. The long term unemployment rate for Europe has only gotten worse in the past few years. Click on the below link for the full discussion of this Unemployment in Europe Still a Disaster- Full Article   Read More

Record Unemployment in Europe

This is particularly disturbing when you see teen and young professional unemployment in the 25% unemployed range. The European economies have some real trouble now and in the future. What is interesting is that many of their stock markets are positive for the year. This goes back to my statement in a previous newsletter that the stock market of a country does not necessary move in step with the economy.  Full Article   Read More

Employment Picture Continues to be Murky

There are two measures of jobs in my mind: Quantitative and Qualitative. I’m pleased that slowly the quantity of jobs seems to be coming back, although anemic, but the quality of those jobs is still lacking. I think we’re in the midst of a major re-adjustment in our country, about the type and quantity of jobs we have to offer. I am not pessimistic in any way, and feel the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit is better here than anywhere, but the adjustment will continue to be painful. Here’s a full article on the most recent job numbers Click for full ... Read More

Dismal Jobs Report

The Unemployment Rate increased to 8.2% this past week and will continue to be one of the biggest pieces of news this summer and leading up to the election. The problem with the number is that the employment – population ratio has a huge impact on it and it’s been shrinking. If you’ve left the job market, either through retirement, going back to school, or simply not looking for a job in the past 4 weeks, then you leave the eligible job pool. It has been shrinking for quite some time, and artificially makes the official job numbers look better ... Read More

Unemployment Rate / Participation Rate

Unemployment decreased to 8.3%. Good. Participation Rate of the work force at 30 year lows. Bad. In my opinion, we’re at a time in history where there is a dramatic shift in the employment make-up, skills needed, globalization, etc. This relatively short term (1 to 10 years) transition will not be without pain for many, but the market does eventually adjust. Click for the Full Article       Read More

2011 Recap and 2012 Outlook – Year End Video

Goodbye 2011 and hello 2012! What happened and what’s my outlook for 2012? Optimistic or pessimistic? Watch my video to find out.   TRANSCRIPT: Hi there, Mike Brady with Generosity Wealth Management, and today I want to talk to you about a little bit of a review on 2011, but spend most of my time talking about the current situation right now. And you know, maybe do a little bit of a, …, thinking about 2012 and what the future may hold. 2011 was a real volatile year. I mean frankly, when we look back at year upon year we ... Read More

How Bad Are Things? Corporate Profitability?

Worst recession since the Great Depression? Not really, although it’s not pleasant. Unemployment is down. Good news? Yes, but not the whole picture. Corporations profitable? You bet. They have lots of cash on their balance sheets, ready to expand and redeploy at the appropriate time. These are just a few of the things I talk about in this week’s video. I include some nice graphs too, so be sure to click on the video to hear more!!! TRANSCRIPT: Hi there, Mike Brady with Generosity Wealth Management, here in Boulder, Colorado. And today I’m thinking a little bit about corporate profitability. ... Read More

Employment-Population Ratio

While the official unemployment rate is decreasing, the “participation” ratio is decreasing. This means less people as a percentage of the total population are actively searching for full time work. Some of those leaving the workforce are retirees, but the graph to the right is interesting because it shows the decrease from those in prime working ages. This shows how bad the employment is, even beyond the unemployment figures. The graph below shows the huge gains women have made in the past 60 years. CLICK FOR COMMENTS & BIGGER GRAPHS ON THE EMPLOYMENT-POPULATION RATIO Read More

3rd Quarter Review / 4th Quarter Review

The 3rd Quarter 2011 is over and I have a slightly longer video this week because I want to address the current environment and how things may shape up going forward. A big theme is my advice to assess your overall plan and risk tolerance, and also to ensure you’re looking at both positive and negative points of view on the markets instead of just one view over the other. I send my newsletter and videos on a weekly basis, so if you watch only a few througout the year, at least watch my more comprehensive quarterly videos. Click to ... Read More

Job Interviewees’ Most Common Mistakes

With 14 million Americans unemployed, you probably know someone who is interviewing for a job. What are some of the common mistakes to avoid? Late arrival, limited enthusiasm, lack of eye contact, and others. Here’s a good article that talks about thsese things to avoid and more.  LINK TO FULL ARTICLE Read More

5 Mistakes on Executive Resumes

The U6 (unemployment rate including people who are part time but would like to be full time) is around 16%. So, there are a lot of people with resumes out there. Perhaps you are one of those people, or at least know someone like that. Here are some tips on resumes, including tips like “don’t start with an objective statement” and “don’t use language too vague”.  LINK TO FULL ARTICLE Read More

Quarter End Review / Preview

This week’s video is my 1st Quarter Review and my 2nd Quarter Preview. The first quarter was good (yeah!), and I list the items I’ll be watching and thinking about for the 2nd quarter. A must see video (if I do say so myself). TRANSCRIPT: Hi Clients and Friends, Mike Brady here. This is the first quarter review and second quarter pre-view for 2011. Now, in general, the first quarter was a little bouncy in February, but overall a positive quarter; actually, a very strong and nice quarter. The indexes, which of course you can’t invest in indexes, but they’re ... Read More

Employment Numbers

While the official unemployment rate has decreased in the past few months, the number of people in the work force is close to 30 year lows. This is due to baby boomer’s retiring, but also people who are simply tired of looking for jobs! The unofficial unemployment rate is closer to 17%. Click on the link below for a more detailed article.  CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE Read More

Why Companies Need to Start Hiring Older Workers

The head of Boston Consulting Group is in Davos, Switzerland talking about all the contributions older employees make to a company. Duh. The wisdom accumulated over years of experience are finally being acknowledged. CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE   Read More

Five Things Employers Want to Know

Last week I was invited to speak about financial literacy to NASA employees down in Houston that are being laid off. One of the other speakers was a recruitment and job placement specialist. He had this slide which I thought was good for employees looking for a job, but also for those of us already employed or self-employed. Do you have a good answer for each one? •Why are you here? •What can you do for us? •What kind of person are you? •What distinguishes you from the other people who can do the same tasks? •Can I afford you? ... Read More

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