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Year to Date Update

We’re halfway through the year, and it’s been a volatile one. Brexit was just 1.5 weeks ago, and don’t forget that horrible January. And, this is an election year. What are my thoughts about this year, the big picture, and the election year in particular?  Click on the video (6 minutes) for my thoughts. Transcript: Hi there.  Mike Brady with Generosity Wealth Management, a comprehensive, full-service financial firm here in Boulder, Colorado.  Although I have to admit it’s July 4th weekend I’m recording this on Sunday the 3rd and I’m at my Wyoming cabin.  You know with today’s technology, internet, ... Read More

My Brexit Thoughts

Last week I did a full newsletter on Brexit, with video, explaining my thoughts. The market over-reacted (in my opinion) and then came back to almost where it was before the whole event. Good newsletter if I do say so myself, and recommend you check it out if you haven’t already. 2016 06 29 – Brexit Thoughts Read More

Investors Often Mistake Emotion for Gut Instinct

In May I was in New York City, and the highlight by far was the interview I did with Financial Advisor IQ (division of Financial Times) on biases. It was really fun, and focused on the types of emotions and biases that investors have to be aware of and overcome. The producer liked the interview so much that he decided to make it a 3 part series, so the link below is only for the 1st of 3. The rest will come out sometime in July and August. Anyway, pretty good interview, so I hope you watch it. Investors Often ... Read More

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Three Types of Financial Forecasters

Every investor is a forecaster to some degree, even if you don’t admit it. But what kind are you? 1.  The Foolish Forecaster 2.  The Oblivious Forecaster 3.  The Probabilistic Forecaster I know which kind I am (hint:  it’s not 1 or 2). Click for the full article describing each type Three Types of Financial Forecasters Read More

Dubois, Wyoming Cabin

In today’s technological world, as long as I have internet and a phone, I’m able to run my business from anywhere. This summer I’m fortunate to spend much more time in our Wyoming cabin now that it’s fully outfitted as another office, just like my Boulder one. In addition to all my business travel this summer, I’ll be traveling back and forth between Wyoming and Boulder, working strategy in the cabin and having in-person meetings in Boulder. Life is good. Read More

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