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5 Questions at the end of 2015

“I want you to be everything that’s you, deep at the center of your being” — Confucius This is my year end video, and it is one of the most important I’ve done in some time.  It is a reminder of some of the basics and foundations of investing! I answer 5 questions that investors are probably asking themselves right about now What happened in 2015? Is this normal? Do I have the right investments? Will next year (2016) be different? What should I do? Especially if you’re my client, you need to watch the video to get my answers. ... Read More

The Year Nothing Worked: Stocks, Bonds, Cash go Nowhere

Please watch my video on the next page as it provides the multi-year context for 2015. Markets go 3 directions – up, down, sideways.  This year was a “pause” year of basically sideways, and in the multi-year look, something that happens periodically but frustrating nonetheless. Click here for the full article The Year Nothing Worked: Stocks, Bonds, Cash Go Nowhere Read More

Why the Bull Market in Stocks Isn’t Dead Yet

There are endless things to worry about. As a matter of fact, in my 24 years of being in business, I can’t remember a year when I wasn’t worried about something. However, you’ve got to keep that in check. As the graph below in the next article will show, if you are constantly running from the bad years, historically you’ve missed out on the vast majority that are positive. I think 2016 will be another one of those positive years, but if I’m wrong, I’ll keep to the diversified principle that I believe makes sense. Full Article – Why the ... Read More

U.S. Stocks were positive 73% of the Time

With an unmanaged stock market index going back to 1926, 73% of the time U.S. Stocks were positive. When you add in the “slightly negative” column of declines from 0 to 10%, that adds up to about 87% positive or slightly negative. The future could absolutely be different, and you have to ensure it fits with your individual goals. Read More

95 Books in 2015

Time for my annual book review, and in 2015 I ended up reading 95 books, less than the 118 in 2014 but I also had a pretty busy year (lost 40+ lbs, started martial arts, expert in over 40 different publications, etc.). 54% were fiction 46% non-fiction. 70 of the books I rated 4 or 5 stars, so I chose well. I read 11 personal development books, 15 business, and 18 general non-fiction. My favorite fiction was probably Genesis Extinction Point #4, which doesn’t help you if you haven’t read books 1-3. It’s a dystopian view of a plague brought ... Read More

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average is an unmanaged, price-weighted index of 30 large capitalization stocks with dividends reinvested.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (“S&P 500”) is an unmanaged, market capitalization weighted index of 500 widely held stocks, with dividends reinvested, and is often used as a proxy for the stock market.

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