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Mid-Year Check-In

While there have been some exciting one day swings in the unmanaged stock market indexes so far this year, it’s actually been relatively calm, without big 5% and 10% weekly and monthly swings that we see periodically in the markets. As of the end of the 2nd quarter, most major unmanaged indexes were about break even. In my video, I talk about the impact Greece and China may have on the markets going forward, and how the potential interest rate hike in September may affect things.  I’m not gloom and doom, so if you’re looking for that, than you better  ... Read More

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Mike Brady in the News

I’ve had a great time this year being interviewed by many journalists, allowing me to share my thoughts with others. I was going to post or email each time I was quoted, but there have been so many (Wall Street Journal, Forbes, DailyFinance, US News and World Report), that I was afraid you’d think I was some media hound and it’d get boring. So, I’ve added a new page to my webpage that will keep a running tally of all my mentions in the general press. You’ll notice the advice I give is far ranging, which is what you’ve come ... Read More

Radio Interview with Dr. Jason Carthen

I was recently asked to be on an hour long radio show / podcost talking about ethics in the workplace. It was titled “Navigating the Demands of Business and Remaining True to Yourself”. It was lot of fun, and the host was really engaged and enthusiastic.  While he and I talk about the demands of business and how being ethical is so important, I share my life story with him, which many of you know.  I am pretty open with him (as I am with everyone who is interested), sharing the ups and downs of my personal and business life. ... Read More

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Never Invest in Something You Cannot Understand

Warren Buffett “Never Invest in a Business You Cannot Understand” Good advice. I’m going to take it one step further and say “something” or “anything”. I think Wall Street has created a lot of very creative financial products out there, and some of them are good while others are bad.  Mostly it depends on which “tool” you need to meet your individual goals. That being said, just because something is complicated doesn’t mean it’s better, and you should definitely understand it before investing in it. That’s one of the jobs of your financial adviser, to help explain each investment you ... Read More

White Castle

I’m pretty proud of the fact I’ve lost 32 lbs this year, gave up all sugar, eat pretty darn good, and started Martial Arts training this January. I’m lean and mean, and your typical healthy Boulderite. However, I absolutely love White Castle.  I grew up in Michigan about 2 miles from one, and whenever I visit Mom and Dad, it’s never complete without a completely disgusting night out at the Castle. Some people love In and Out Burger.  Fine.  But give me White Castle any day of the year. 21 Crave-Worthy Facts About White Castle Read More

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