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Diversification or Dilution

I’m a believer in Diversification as a component of any long term investment strategy. One of the most famous money managers of all time, Peter Lynch, once said “I love all my stocks–that’s why I own them–but I know 20% are going to be dogs and disappoint me. I just don’t know which 20%”. This is a key investment strategy. This week’s video I talk about Diversification and Dilution. Are you truly diversified?   TRANSCRIPT: Good morning, Mike Brady Generosity Wealth Management talking to you from Boulder, Colorado. And today I want to talk about diversification, dilution, how much diversification ... Read More

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IMF to Kick Out Greece

August 20th is a pivotal date when 3.8 billion Euros are due from Greece to the European Central Bank. The IMF is saying that if this isn’t paid, they’ll stop loaning money to Greece. Once the IMF is done with Greece, will the European Monetary Union be far behind? In my opinion, Greece will exit the Euro sooner rather than later, and this is good for the long term strength of the Euro. How will this affect our US markets? Always the big question. More stability and stronger private balance sheets makes the US a better investment I believe. Here’s ... Read More

10 Myths About College Planning

This is a good article about 10 Myths about college planning, many of which I’ve addressed with clients over my 21 years. Is there endless financial aid available out there? Is it better to spend the extra money for a top tier school for the networking? Should you use your retirement funds to pay for your kids’ education? Read the following article for more information. 10 Myths About College Planning Read More

Where to Get Your Social Security Statement

A number of years ago the Social Security Administration started to mail out statements every 2 years near your birth date. This is great for your financial planning. I recommend you review this every time you receive it, and you can even get different iterations based on hypothetical future earnings right at the Social Security site. I highly recommend a retirement analysis, and part of that analysis has to be projected Social Security benefits. Here’s where to start Where to Get Your Social Security Statement Read More

How to Stay Dry in the Rain

I aim to solve all life’s problems, financial or otherwise. To that end, when it rains, will you stay drier by running through it quickly or by walking slowly? Inquiring minds want to know. Fortunately, we have physicists who have written multiple papers on this. So, which is it? Full article describing the papers at the link. Physicists Tackle How to Stay Dry in the Rain Read More

3rd Quarter Preview – Heading into the Election

The 2nd quarter distinguished itself by significantly increased volatility and ultimately seeing the unmanaged stock market indexes down. Those same market indexes are still up for the year, and it’s my belief they will end the year positive, but with continued volatility. November is the big election here in the United States, and regardless for whom you feel is better and hope will win, the market likes a reduction in uncertainty. At that point, at least some semblance of planning can be done for a few years by the private sector as it analyzes the tax and regulatory environment it ... Read More

Make Saving a Habit

I’ve met with literally thousands of people over my 21 year career. Many people have asked “how can I be rich?”. The question is so difficult to answer. Besides the obvious “win the lotto” and “hope you inherit tons of money”, most of us will increase our probability of reaching our goals if we simply spend less than we make, save religiously, invest wisely, and avoid catastrophic financial events. Your ability to make saving a habit is one of the first steps. Perhaps you’re already a good saver. Whether you’re a great saver or wish you could be better, I ... Read More

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Are you interested in talking with me about your finances and investments but not sure if we’re the right fit? I have clients of all portfolio sizes, ages, employment, and stages of life. What I like to do is make a difference in someone’s life. Frankly, it’s just as rewarding for me to work with a young couple who are serious about planning and saving for their future as it is to manage portfolios and wealth for business owners and retirees. Don’t be shy. If you’re curious about whether we’d be a right fit, give me a call and we ... Read More

Winners and Losers for the 2nd Quarter 2012

Much of the unmanaged stock market index gain for 2012 was in January, April, and June. May was brutal. In my opinion, you must have a well diversified, long term strategy for your portfolio and for reaching your financial goals. Do you have a plan and strategy you’re comfortable with? If the answer is “no” in any form, I encourage you to call me so we can discuss what needs to happen in order for you to emphatically answer “yes!” to that question. Full Article on Winners and Losers for the 2nd quarter at the link below. Click for Full ... Read More

163 Days until the Release of The Hobbit Movie

Haven’t you figured out yet that my wife and I are total nerds? We love J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Lord of the Rings movies are among our favorites. On December 13th the first of 2 prequels come out. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Just FYI, I plan on annoying you for the rest of the year about this movie.     Read More

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