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Thoughts After a Tough Month

Sorry in advance for a longer than usual video this month (7.5 minutes), but I have some charts and graphs in there to provide some context for the slow ride down in the un-managed stock market indexes that we saw for May. The question we always have to ask ourselves is “what is this telling us?” and “what does this mean for the future?”. Click to watch my video.   TRANSCRIPT: Good morning, Mike Brady with Generosity Wealth Management speaking to you from Boulder, Colorado. And today I want to talk about what’s been going on in the markets; what’s ... Read More

Dismal Jobs Report

The Unemployment Rate increased to 8.2% this past week and will continue to be one of the biggest pieces of news this summer and leading up to the election. The problem with the number is that the employment – population ratio has a huge impact on it and it’s been shrinking. If you’ve left the job market, either through retirement, going back to school, or simply not looking for a job in the past 4 weeks, then you leave the eligible job pool. It has been shrinking for quite some time, and artificially makes the official job numbers look better ... Read More

Estate Taxes Going Up?

Currently, estates under $5 million are exempt from estate taxes. Next year, barring congressional action, the exemption level falls to $1 million and the top rate rises to 55% In an election year, this is a hot potato. For years the exemption amount was unchanged at $600,000 but in the past 12 years or so it has continually gone up and down without much thought to the long term strategy. How can we, as investors and tax payers, properly plan our estates when the rules keep changing? Read the following article for more information.  Estate Taxes are Going Up – ... Read More

Don’t Buy on Hype

I have no idea what Facebook stock will do over the next 2 to 10 years. I hope it does great. That being said, the above chart is the reason you don’t buy on hype or let your emotions lead your investment mind. Be the smart money. Do your homework. Know why you buy a stock, under what conditions you’ll sell it, and be sure it’s part of a long term diversified strategy.   Read More

Wonder Twin Powers Activate

If you’ve ever met my wife, you’ll know that she and I have many physical characteristics in common. Tall, blond hair, etc. As a matter of fact, we’ve had a number of people ask if we’re brother and sister before finding out we’re actually married. As a joke, at times we call ourselves the Wonder Twins. If you don’t know what that means then you probably didn’t watch Saturday morning cartoons in the 1970s. Sometimes we’ll even put our wedding rings together and say “Wonder Twin Powers Activate”. We think we’re pretty funny.   Read More

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