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Active Management – Market Timing?

I’m asked periodically what I think of “market timing” or “active management” versus a straight buy and hold philosophy. My first response is usually to ask for a definition of those terms. While it may be obvious to the person asking the question, if you ask 3 people you’ll get 3 different answers. In this week’s video, I propose some definitions, but also share that while I think active management is preferable over your traditional buy & hold, market timing is great in theory but hard to execute in the real world. Click to watch my video. TRANSCRIPT: Good morning! ... Read More

Estate Planning: 16 Things to do Before You Die

If you’ve ever had the unpleasant task of putting a loved ones affairs in order after their death, then you’ve probably thought “I wish they’d done this or that to make things easier. If only they’d known!” Well, now is the chance for you to do something different with your estate. This article is a pretty good list of things you can start today 1. Physical Items Inventory 2. Non-Physical items Inventory 3. Credit Cards and Debts List 4. ……….. Click for the Full Article  Estate Planning – 16 Things to Do Before You Die Read More

Defeating the Myth You Must Win on Every Trade

If you’ve been following my newsletters over the years, you know I believe in diversification and that one of the key ingredients to reaching your goals is to avoid catastrophic financial events. It’s important to note, as the table above illustrates, that not every investment has to make money. Limiting the size and number of the losses is important, and if avoiding any kind of loss at any time is your strategy, then you’ll always be on the sidelines. Risk management is key, and with that it is understanding some investments will do different things at different times, and not ... Read More

Boulder, CO Housing

Nice article on the national scene about our local Boulder housing situation. Lou Barnes from Boulder West believes prices have bottomed out, even if “a recovery is something else”. Good, interesting article. Be sure to click on it.  Boulder Colorado Housing Read More

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What Mike is Doing this Summer

This has been an absolutely wonderful year for Generosity Wealth Management, thanks to my fortune in having great clients and the nice things they’ve said about me to others. While it’s wonderful my business is growing, the natural consequence of that is that I’m mostly staying close to Boulder this summer, working away to prepare for the next 6 to 12 months. But, it’s not all work and no play! This summer I’ll also be 1. Visiting our rustic family cabin in Dubois, Wyoming whenever possible 2. Continuing to mentor college age men as an alumni adviser for my fraternity ... Read More

1st Quarter Review – Am I Still Optimistic for 2nd Quarter?

The first quarter of this year was very forgiving of any errors. We’ve had low volatility, generally positive economic reports, and even Europe has been less in the news than previously. Watch my video for my thoughts about the 1st quarter, and to find out if I’m still optimistic for the 2nd quarter and rest of the year.   TRANSCRIPT: Good morning! Mike Brady with Generosity Wealth Management and I am here in Boulder Colorado, giving you my first quarter review and my second quarter preview. Absolutely wonderful first quarter; I’m going to throw some of the numbers up on ... Read More

Volatility in the Future

The VIX (implied volatility index) has become very steep. The 7th contract (6 months out) is significantly higher than current implied volatility. What does this mean? It simply means that the market is pricing in risks of a correction later on in the year. Will it happen? Nothing is for certain, and if you have a long term diversified strategy (which hopefully you do) then this may just be a bump in the road   Read More

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Are you interested in talking with me about your finances and investments but not sure if we’re the right fit? I have clients of all portfolio sizes, ages, employment, and stages of life. What I like to do is make a difference in someone’s life. Frankly, it’s just as rewarding for me to work with a young couple who are serious about planning and saving for their future as it is to manage portfolios and wealth for business owners and retirees. Don’t be shy. If you’re curious about whether we’d be a right fit, give me a call and we ... Read More

China Had a Trade Deficit in February

China had its largest trade deficit in 22 years this past February of $31.5 billion. Why? Weaker demand from Europe and the United States is one reason. Factories being temporarily shut down due to Chinese New Year could be another reason. Is this seasonal anomaly or one more bad sign coming out of China? Stay tuned  CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE   Read More

Pizza Ordering with Ease

So, just in case you’re too lazy to hit the pre-programmed number on your phone to order a pizza, they now have a bluetooth enabled refrigerator magnet that you push and then it automatically orders your usual pizza at the usual pizza joint for delivery. I’m glad I didn’t have this when I was in college.  Fridge Magnet Lets You Order With Ridiculous Ease Read More

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