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Doing Something for the Sake of Doing Something

This week I’m thinking about the human tendency to do something just to be doing something. I’ve found that we Americans love to solve problems, and if we’re not selling this investment to buy that one, or reallocating something else if feels like we’re standing still. Are you falling into ‘busy work” or is changing nothing the right answer? Read More

What’s Wrong with Muni Bonds? Everything

I’ve been warning about the municipal bond market for some time now. I think the problems are starting to hit and 2011 will be a big year of reckoning. Look at the chart to the right. Ugly. Why is this happening? There’s the looming end of the Build America Bonds program, questions about how state and local governments will manage their debts, and the impact of huge pension and health care obligations that seem unsustainable. CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE: WHAT’S WRONG WITH MUNI BONDS?  EVERYTHING . Read More

Ireland in Trouble

Ireland is in preliminary talks with the EU for a Greek type bailout. Wonderful. Remember that the PIIGS countries are Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain. Two down, three to go. Like municipalities (see above) they’re going to continue to have problems in 2011. CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE: IRELAND IN TROUBLE Read More

Bipartisan Vow: We’ll Fix AMT

20 million people will be paying the “tax on the rich” AMT come January if Congress doesn’t amend the law. Will they? My guess is yes. Will they resolve the estate tax issues by the end of the year? I doubt it.  FULL ARTICLE:  BIPARTISAN VOW:  WE’LL FIX AMT   Read More

Happy Thanksgiving

Next week is Thanksgiving and I certainly hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with food, wine, and family. I’m Thankful for so much, including the fact I have a great business with wonderful clients and friends. Thanks for reading my newsletter and all your warm thoughts.   Read More

Difference Between Fiscal and Monetary Policy

What’s the difference between Fiscal and Monetary policy? It seems like discussions about these 2 similar, but very different, topics are forever getting confused. If you’re worried about taxes, deficits, and the debt, is that a fiscal or monetary issue? I want you to know the difference so you’re the smart one at the cocktail party discussion.   Read More

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Learning to Take Small Losses Quickly

One important lesson in managing a portfolio is: Take your losses quickly and move on! We’re all going to make mistakes. The right thing to do is admit it was a mistake, sell the loss, and move on to your next investment. It’s that simple. It’s what separates the pros from the amateurs. CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE – LEARNING TO TAKE SMALL LOSSES QUICKLY     Read More

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FDIC on checking accounts going to infinity

Starting next year, the FDIC limit on checking accounts will increase from $250,000 to an unlimited amount. What? Isn’t the FDIC broke already? Yes, but why let that get in the way of a government (or quasi-government) policy. This coverage amount will last until the end of 2012.  CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE – BROKE FDIC EXPANDS CHECKING INSURANCE Read More

Unintended Consequences

There is an interesting study that says states that ban texting while driving actually have rising accident claims. Why? They theorize that drivers try to evade police by lowering their phones when texting, which increases the risk by taking their eyes even further from the road and for a longer time. Why do I bring this up? Because the unintended consequences of every action should be taken into consideration. A good think to remember when we’re talking about economic policies–monetary or fiscal. CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE – CRASH INTO ME   Read More

Mr. Potato Head

Continuing my fascination with Mr. Potato Head on his 60th birthday, I’m amazed by the special edition Potato Heads over the years. After looking over the list, I don’t see a Mike Brady Mr. Potato Head or even a Generosity Wealth Management Potato Head. Hmm, I wonder how I can make that happen? CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE – 10 FAVORITE MR. POTATO HEADS Read More

Mid-Quarter Update

We’re 1/3 done with the quarter, elections were yesterday, and lots left in the year. In this week’s video, I give a little update on the quarter and year so far, plus a discussion about why you have to take the comparison of your portfolio to an unmanaged index with a grain of salt. Listen to my video below to find out more.   Read More

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QE Did Not Work in the UK

This is a quarter you’re going to hear about Quantitative Easing. I hate it. It’s my belief the increased money supply will stay on the books of the banking industry to offset any potential commercial real estate downgrades they’ll be making in the future. From the banks’ point of view, it makes perfect sense. For you and me, not so good. How did QE work in Japan and the UK? Not well at all.   CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE – QE DID NOT WORK IN THE UK Read More

Look Out for Eastern Europe

We’ve heard all about the disastrous PIIGS this year (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain), but Eastern Europe is doing pretty well. I’m doing more research into this developing area of the world this next week. I’ll keep you posted. CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE – EASTERN EUROPE   Read More

Warren Buffett’s Worst Trade & Biggest Mistake

I love Warren Buffett. He has such wisdom and humility that I count him as one of my business heroes. What can we learn from him today? How about from his biggest mistake?  CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE – WARREN BUFFETT’S WORST TRADE & BIGGEST MISTAKE Read More

Scooter Riders of the World Unite!

I’m such a Boulderite. I love riding my Kymco People 50 to the office every day. 65 to 70 miles per gallon, 40 mph, wind blowing through your hair–what more could you want! BMW is about to come out with a new scooter that allows you to insert your IPhone and listen to the radio and make cell phone calls with a bluetooth enabled helmet. I want one! CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE   Read More

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