Doing Something for the Sake of Doing Something

This week I’m thinking about the human tendency to do something just to be doing something.

I’ve found that we Americans love to solve problems, and if we’re not selling this investment to buy that one, or reallocating something else if feels like we’re standing still.

Are you falling into ‘busy work” or is changing nothing the right answer?

What’s Wrong with Muni Bonds?  Everything

What’s Wrong with Muni Bonds? Everything

I’ve been warning about the municipal bond market for some time now.

I think the problems are starting to hit and 2011 will be a big year of reckoning.

Look at the chart to the right. Ugly.

Why is this happening?

There’s the looming end of the Build America Bonds program, questions about how state and local governments will manage their debts, and the impact of huge pension and health care obligations that seem unsustainable.


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Next week is Thanksgiving and I certainly hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with food, wine, and family.

I’m Thankful for so much, including the fact I have a great business with wonderful clients and friends.

Thanks for reading my newsletter and all your warm thoughts.