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Roths and Tax Rates

2010 is the year of the Roth Conversion and maybe the end of lower taxes. In 2010 there are unique Roth Conversion rules that expire at the end of the year. With higher tax rates next year, what should you do? Listen to my video below to find out why this is so important.   Read More

Tax Rates Hikes

As a follow up to my video in the next blog, unless Congress passes a new tax law in a lame duck session by the end of the year, higher taxes are in your future. Here’s the chart   Read More


Quantitative Easing ( known as QE 2 amongst friends) is coming this quarter. In my opinion, it’s being priced into the markets already. What is it? A scheme by which the money supply is increased and hopefully starve off deflation and boost the economy. Sorry, I’m not buying it. CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE – QE1 FAILED, WHY WILL QE2 WORK CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE – FED’S STRATEGY OF GETTING RETAIL INVESTORS INTO STOCKS VIA QE2 WILL FAIL   Read More

Future of Estate Planning Remains up in the Air

In the same vein as my video and article on Unresolved Tax Bills in Congress, the Estate Tax is STILL not resolved for next year. What a disaster! The Estate Tax exemption is about to revert to $1,000,000 again in just a few months.   Read More

Mr. Potato Head turns 60

Enough with all the serious tax, Roth, and estate planning talk. How about celebrating Mr. Potato Head! He just turned 60. Yeah! CLICK FOR FULL ARTICLE Read More

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3rd Quarter Review / 4th Quarter Preview

This week is the 3rd Quarter 2010 review and 4th Quarter preview. If you go back and rewatch my July video (July Video) I stated I thought the 3rd quarter would be up and it definitely was. Dow Jones + 10.27% for the 3rd Quarter and S&P + 10.72%. Of course, these are unmanaged indexes. The markets were way down at the end of the last quarter, so this brings the indexes positive for the year +3.5% for the Dow and +2.3% for the S&P 500. 4th quarter? I think things will continue to be up, but the important thing ... Read More

Quantitative Easing

The title of the article below is “More Proof That Our Leaders are Clueless…”. I’m sure I’m quite that pessimistic, but I’ve been persuaded by the side of the argument that the additional cash reserves that will probably be released into our system will simply be held by the banks and not accomplish what it’s intended. I’m pretty unimpressed with the Fed. CLICK FOR QUANTITATIVE EASING ARTICLE   Read More

What’s Worse: Losing Money or Not Making Enough?

It’s the old adage — Greed and Fear. Is the pain of losing money greater than the joy of making money? The problem is that most people NEED to take some risk to realize their retirement goals because the rate of return needed is greater than the risk free return. With inflation, there’s opportunity cost as well. One of the things I do for clients is work with them to balance these competing desires of growth and principal protection. Call me if you’d like to discuss this in your situation. Click on the link for a discussion of which is ... Read More

Bracing for a Rocky October

Consistent with my video today (which I know you’ve all clicked on and listened to) I’m thinking October will be rocky with earning season and the election looming. Here’s an article summing up my thoughts. CLCIK FOR FULL ARTICLE   Read More

Wireless Voice Calls Are Obsolete

I think Scott Adams (creator of the Dilbert comic strip) is hilarious. He has this blog where he just writes about whatever he’s thinking about or is going on in his life. He’s had some of the best insights. Anyway, he totally goes on a rant about wireless phone calls and how it’s impossible to have a conversation anymore on them because you’re on a cell phone, the other person is on a cell phone, and the reception on one of those 2 is probably horrible. So funny. Just in case you’re wondering what your financial adviser finds so frustrating ... Read More

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